Alleged N4Bn from Magu: Jackson Ude Asks Osibanjo to Resign and Face him in Court

A former director of strategy and communications under President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, Mr Jackson Ude, has asked Prof Yemi Osibanjo to resign his position as the Vice President before facing him in court.

He downplayed the petition the Vice President wrote to the Inspector General of Police, insisting that Osibanjo cannot remain as the VP, using public funds to intimidate judges while fighting ordinary citizens.

Ude had through Twitter and his news medium, “PointBlank News“, published that Magu embezzled over N39 billion and gave Osinbajo N4 billion for a soft landing.

The Vice President has since denied the allegations and followed it with a petition to IGP Mohamed Adamu demanding criminal proceedings against Ude and his platform to restrain them from future ‘false publications’.

Reacting to the petition, Ude challenged Osinbajo to resign his post as Vice President and challenge him in court. He also challenged the Presidential panel investigating Magu to reveal the details of the investigation to ascertain if he is lying or not.

Ude while replying to Osibanjo’s court threat tweeted thus:

“Since Osinbajo, the Star Boy, is denying, let’s have lawyers compel the Presidential Panel investigating Magu and the Police, to release the verbatim transcripts of Magu’s confessions. This is not about waving immunity. Oya, let’s go there ndi Lawyers!

“I am not afraid of Osinbajo and his minions. If he indeed wants to go to court, he needs to resign first, and sue me. He cannot be VP and be using state resources to intimidate the Judiciary. He cannot wave an immunity that he didn’t place. Osinabjo should resign first!

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