Ṣeyi Makinde Commissions Family Court

The Government of the State of Oyo has, through its Executive Governor Ṣeyi Makinde, yesterday 9th July 2020, commissioned the Family Court which will be dedicated to cases of child abuse and decisions of the Child’s Rights will be enforced. The 2003 Child’s Rights Act was domesticated by the State in 2006, but there was no court established to specifically enforce the rights of the child until now. The governor appealed to every concerned citizen to report to Oyo Ministry of Women Affairs Rapid Response Team (OYOMWA-RRT) if he or she sees any incident of child abuse or a child’s rights being violated.

Governor Makinde says that he is always pleased to be involved in healthy collaboration with the judiciary and the legislature of the State. And this Court is a product of such collaboration.

The governor thanked the Chief Judge of the State, Justice Muktar Abimbola, the Honourable Chief Judge of Oyo State for the immensely contributing to the establishment of the Family Court.

Governor ‘Ṣeyi Makinde

The domestication of the Child’s Rights Act is not complete until there are necessary structural frameworks set up to pursue the goals. The establishment of the Family Court in the High Court of Justice, is a step that proves that the State Government has the will to see to the practical and swift enforcement of the Act.

Speaking at the event yesterday, Engineer Seyi Makinde said, “It is always a delight for me to be part of activities that show the collaboration between the three arms of government. Certainly, our growth as a people is strongly dependent on the synergy between the executive, judiciary and legislature.

“Today, we are here to commission the Family Court. You may recall that one of the points raised in our Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State, 2019-2023 is to play our part in strengthening the laws around the Child’s Rights Act, 2003.

“Although this Act was domesticated in Oyo State in 2006, the court where this law was to be enforced was not established. We all know what happens when a law is made but the architecture for enforcement is non-existent.

“With the establishment of this court, the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Inclusion will be better positioned to carry out their responsibilities. I will therefore want to use this opportunity to call on the good people of Oyo State to not hesitate to contact the Oyo Ministry of Women Affairs Rapid Response Team (OYOMWA-RRT) should they see any child’s rights being violated.

“Violation of a child’s rights will include all sorts of physical and emotional abuse. I can assure you that they will be swift in their response and they will make sure that the rights of that child are protected.

“Also, all other issues that directly impact the family and the child will be resolved in this court.

“So, I look forward to continued cordial relationship with all arms of government to the overall benefit of the people of Oyo State.

“I therefore declare this Family Court open.”

The UNICEF representative in Nigeria, Mr Hawkins, would find this news very pleasant. The gesture by the Government of Oyo State will ensure the achievement of the UNICEF mandates in the state.

We had last month reported that Mr Hawkins had pleaded with the Kano State Government to domesticate Child’s Rights Act. Read our article via this link.


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