Omoh Tee Bares It All, As Dr Anu Accuses Her of Not Taking Advice

Miss Taiwo Omotola Temilade aka Omoh Tee, has bared it all in an interview with the BBC Pidgin in which she said that she had had suicidal thoughts when she realised that despite the travails she was going through, many people especially on social media, were making mockery of her and her conditions which were caused by her failed surgeries at the Med Contour facility in Lagos. She said that the failed surgeries have adversely affected her financially, emotionally, and psychologically, aside the constant physical pains she goes through daily. On her own part in another interview with the BBC Pidgin, the owner of Med Contour and the doctor whom Omoh Tee is accusing, has alleged that Omoh Tee had failed to adhere to medical advice and instructions, leading to the multiple complications she is experiencing.

Switch Nigeria had reported that the CEO of Med Contour, Adepoju Anuoluwapo aka Dr Anu, was arraigned in an Ikoyi Federal High Court for avoiding the invitations from the relevant authorities investigating claims against her, and also for misleading her clients with false claims in her advertisements. Read the story by clicking here.

Omoh Tee confesses that she has become financially drained as she has spent more than she had paid to get surgeries at Med Contour, meanwhile, she has become socially isolated as she does not have a boyfriend, as no one would be interested in her due to bad shape she has found herself.

Miss Temilade said she had paid Med Contour ₦1.2 million on the 31st of December, 2019 and had surgery in January 2020 but months after the surgery, she began to develop strange pains and oozed strange pus. See video below for details.

Dr Anuoluwapo on her part accused the socialite of not strictly adhering to her instructions. She said she is well trained and qualified for cosmetic surgery, denying that she is not a plastic surgeon but a cosmetic surgeon. She claims that she has had more than 1200 successful surgeries. Watch her claims to the BBC via this link.

It is rumoured that Dr Anu has sued Omoh Tee, seeking ₦25 million damages, aside the case involving the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) as prosecutors. Her Med Contour premises was closed down by Government in May, and she claims she has lost about ₦100 million because of the closure.

Source: BBC

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