Videos: Youth Seeks Forgiveness, Volunteers to Showcase Projects of Buhari’s Administration

A young man, indigene of Imo State and former bitter critic of the president, who goes by the name Chukwuemeka, has since 30th of May this year, committed himself to showing progress of programmes and projects of the federal government and yesterday disclosed that he was misled to believe that President Muhammadu Buhari was a religious and ethnic bigot whose singular aim is to Islamise Nigeria and make the Fulani people take over the country. He said he was bitter and mischievous towards the president and everything concerning him because he believed the propaganda that the Fulani became murderous after the victory of the retired General, something that his older brother who is a nonvocal believer in Buhari, had advised him to make research on and get more information but he refused. He said he even pleaded for corruption to return in 2016 because he felt that if petrol pump price was lower when they claim corruption was rife, then there was need to get back to corruption instead of integrity making pump price of fuel increase. But Chukwuemeka has now become a hardcore buharist, and is asking for forgiveness.

“Some people believe that PMB is dead and replaced with one Jubril.

By the way, I was made to believe that Buhari will islamize Nigeria and Fulani people will take over Nigeria.

Propaganda get power o!

Pic: Me in 2016, asking for Corruption instead of Honesty. Forgive me Nigeria” the young man said.

Chukwuemeka protesting against the federal government in 2016

He added, “My elder brother who is a non vocal Buharist told me to expand my information source, to be cleared on the facts. Misinformations got me bad.”

Chukwuemeka, who lives in Umuodjo-Obosi, had on May 30 2020 shared videos of the Second River Niger Bridge ( popularly referred to as 2nd Niger Bridge ), praising the president for taking the execution of the projects beyond mere graphical representation on paper. He said it is the biggest Federal Government project in the South East geopolitical zone and after monitoring its progress for a while, it dawned on him that the president is not really a hater of the Igbo people as most of them the youth were being made to believe by some politicians.

He said that he and his peers used to jog across the old Niger bridge even from childhood days, and at some point it began to shake, making them scared of jogging across it.

Chukwuemeka did not stop being a critic, however, as he is averse to injustice, negligence, and decay of infrastructures, as evidenced in the following pictures.

The young man, whose father fought for biafra during the Civil War, disclosed that he has since taken advantage of the Federal Government policies that encourage local production, and has ventured into farming. He said, to learn more about farming, he has applied for N-Agro, Federal Government’s NPower project for agricultural sector. He shared videos and pictures, vowing that he will not buy gari this year.

Emeka said that him being son of a biafran veteran puts him in a better vantage position to tell if the country is being headed in the right direction by this administration or not. He said from what he has observed, he is proud of his country right now.

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