Crisis in Southern Kaduna has Displaced 3, 099 Fulani People- Fulani Chieftains

A guild of Fulani chieftains have alleged that, more than 3, 099 of their kinsmen, have been displaced by the crisis in Southern Kaduna.

Amongst the many chieftains that attended the meeting was, Alhaji Haruna Tugga, Chairman MACBAN, Kaduna State, Ardo Idris Gundaru Chairman, Kaduna state, GAFDAN, Barr Nuhu Ibrahim, Secretary General, Kaduna State, MOFDA Abbas J. Julde, Chairman, Kaduna State, BAFYAN, and Barr. Abubakar Ibrahim Naseh Coordinator, FUDECO Kaduna State Chapter.
Barr. Nuhu Ibrahim who is the Secretary General of MACBAN, said after the meeting that they were shocked over SOKAPU’s endorsement of the killing of 99 persons, massive burning and displacements of pastoralists in parts of Zangon Kataf and Kauru Local Government Areas of Kaduna State.
“The crisis has created human tragedy. Surviving victims are living in very precarious situation having lost food, crops, clothing, shelter and other domestic valuables,” they said

According to the Fulani chieftains, “our Associations are shocked, and bewildered by the text of a Press Statement issued by National Public Relations Officer of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) on 30th June, 2020.”

“In the Press Statement, SOKAPU expressed tacit support and endorsement of the brutal acts of murder and arson committed by some Atyap youths in Atyap and Tsam Chiefdoms of Zangon Kataf and Kauru LGA that led to killing of 99 Fulani persons, the disappearance of another 139 persons and the looting and burning of 290 houses.”

“In the course of the arson, 429 livestock were killed while some 4009 livestock are still missing, possibly rustled by the Atyap youths. The above figures were based on investigations as at 17th June 2020. SOKAPU need to come out and explain to the victims of the atrocities of their members how a peaceful protest over alleged farm boundaries could lead to these brutal actions.”

“If SOKAPU’s claim that the peaceful protest was brutally suppressed by security men, we wonder why it took the vocal and politically charged Organisation this long to make public its position. In the past, SOKAPU is well known for spreading rumours and falsehoods of attacks and wondered why this time around, it waited for 19days before making its claims of “brutal suppression of peaceful protest,” they said.

“It is common knowledge that the Curfew was imposed by the State Government on the 11th of June following the violent attacks by SOKAPU members on innocent Fulani pastoralist’s families.”

“By describing the press conference of our organizations that provided an accurate and factual account of the atrocities committed by the Atyap youths as ‘very provocative, inciting and libelous statements’, reflects the total disregard to the sanctity of life, respect for diversity and commitment to the rule of Law by SOKAPU and its members. The position of SOKAPU on the current and previous crisis that has bedeviled the area and by extension other parts of the Southern Senatorial Zone explains why peaceful and harmonious coexistence has eluded the areas. ”

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