The Punishment for Rapists Should be Penile Amputation- Mamora

Dr Olorunimbe Mamora, who is the Minister of State for Health, has opined that the punishment for rapists should be penile amputation.

The Minister said rape cases have gone up because social life has been curtailed as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, and as such, people’s idle minds are been used to imagine evil.

Mamora said that it would be hard to prove a rape case that took place a decade ago, as the evidence would have become stale.

“But having said that, there is no defence; don’t forget there is also the factor of stigmatisation, which may make people to just downplay or fail to report it. And you also have the situation, where the victim is probably too young to express what has happened. I think it is a phenomenon that we really need to look at very critically because it has become an epidemic,” the minister said.

He said, “I had argued this at a forum before and I said without any reservations that if for the consideration for global approach to de-emphasising capital punishment, then what to me should be the minimum is total penile amputation because a woman that has been raped may never get over it in her entire life.”

“I think that it would appear that the incident has increased within this period of COVID-19, which may just be a factor of people being kept at home because of the lockdown; socialising has greatly reduced and like it is said, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

“People cannot vent their excitement as before, where people can go to clubs, bars and all that and be able to express themselves. Yes, there must be factors that must be responsible for this upsurge of rape at this point in time, but there should be no excuse.”

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