“We Must Stop Looters of Our Wealth” Magu to NUJ

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has said that the potentials of Nigeria are enormous and must not be allowed to be wasted or stolen by corrupt people. He said, “Nigeria is our common wealth. This wealth must be protected at all times and all hands must be on deck to stop looters of our wealth. Those stealing, embezzling, hiding  and carrying our wealth away are not our friends. We must stop  them. We must stop looters. We must stop the industry of corruption by all means and we shall surely stop them.” He said this during the solidarity visit to his office, by the FCT Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists NUJ, this afternoon, Thursday 25th, June 2020.

“Fighting corruption is not a tea party.  More than ever before, fraudsters are devising new techniques and strategies every day to beat established rules and systems. Besides, several fight-back ploys are also being fashioned to distract and discourage genuine fighters of corrupt practices. For us, all these strategies are all too-known. We are familiar with the desperation of fraudsters. We are familiar with their blackmail and campaign of calumny but we will not give up. We will continue to expose and bring corrupt elements to book. We will never  give up!” Magu responded when asked about the various distractions and games they face while carrying out their objectives.

He vowed to remain focused and committed to the anti-corruption fight, saying that the Commission is too determined to get distracted. “We are too focused to be distracted, we have lots of results to show for our efforts. The results will keep getting  better. We are on course.”

He dares Nigerians to stand up and challenge leaders on accountability. He said Nigerians need to arise and make corrupt practices less attractive.

He thanked the most of the media for its support and partnership in the fight against corruption, saying that “NUJ has always been a formidable voice and development–focused organization in Nigeria. As the fourth estate of the realm, the Press is a pillar in our democracy.”

Nevertheless, he challenged the media to more than ever before rise to the task of fighting corruption, and refuse to celebrate ill-gotten wealth, and personalize investigative innovation in their reportage, and make anticorruption their priority too.

The Council Chairman and leader of the delegation, Mr Emmanuel Ogbeche, said the NUJ officials came on a solidarity visit to the Acting Chairman, for his dedication and determination in the anti-corruption fight despite distractions. He promised that they will contribute their quota in the fight against corruption, and encouraged the EFCC to not be deterred by the distractions that come their way.

Source: EFCC

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