Sickle Cell Disease is Not a Death Sentence- Omotosho

Mr Remi Omotosho, the Managing Director, Bond Chemical and Industries Limited, has said there is hope for people living with sickle cell disorder.

Omotosho said this in a statement signed by the National Marketing Manager of the company, Mr Andrew Aina, to commemorate the 2020 World Sickle Cell Day.

“As the world marked World Sickle Cell Disorder Day on June 19, which is a day recognised by the United Nations to raise the awareness on sickle cell disorder, we wish to give a message of hope that having the sickle cell disorder is not a death sentence if the condition is adequately managed.

“SCD is a disease that worsens over time. Treatments are available that can prevent complications and lengthen the lives of those who have this condition. These treatment options can be different for each person depending on the symptoms and severity,” he said.

Omotosho added that his team had increased their commitment to research and development in the manufacturing of new, innovative and high-quality medicines in addressing the condition.

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