Ghana President Apologises to Buhari, Regrets Demolition of Nigerian High Commission

The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo today called the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on the telephone, to officially apologise for the demolition of Nigerian High Commission building in the Ghanaian capital city of Accra. Akufo-Addo expressed sincere regrets and vowed that the perpetrators of the demolition will be severely dealt with, and said that he had directed a full investigation into the incident, adding that some suspects have already been arrested and will be charged to court.

Press release by the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this evening

Armed men had invaded the premises of the Nigerian High Commission in Accra, on Friday night, the 19th of June, and demolished one of the residential blocks, threatening to kill any of the staff who dares to intervene or question them.

The news went viral and there were lots of insinuations as to what exactly was the issue or reason for such provocative behaviour.

On Sunday afternoon, the Ghanaian Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Ministry said she “beefed up security at the said facility and the situation is under control.” The Ministry added that “investigations are ongoing to unravel the facts of the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.”

There has been claims by a local chief by the name Nii Okwei Dowuona that the land on which the part of the High Commission was sitting, was not state-owned but belongs to the traditional Osu chiefdom.

But there has been no indication of illegality of the parcel of land in the conducts of the Ghanaian authorities so far. Even if there were, it was absolutely infuriating to invade the High Commission building of another country, armed, to demolish it. There are certainly legal and legitimate ways to go about it.

The incident which has made many Nigerians furious, and could sour relationship between citizens of both countries, regardless of whatever actions both governments take.

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