Lagos People Turn to ‘agbo’ to Cure/Prevent COVID-19

Lagosians gave turned to the popular herbal mixture, called ‘agbo,’ as both a preventive and curative treatment for COVID-19.

Consumers of the mixture believe that it can also cure malaria, which has the same symptoms with Coronavirus.

Some said the reason they make use of agbo is because, they cannot foot the often expensive hospital bills.

The condiments used in making ‘agbo’ include lemon grass and lime which are cooked together and is usually sold to consumers between N100 and N200 per cup.

One of the Agbo sellers who spoke to newsmen, said: “We heard that coronavirus has the same symptoms as malaria and people patronize us more to prevent themselves from the disease believing that if they cure malaria, they have cured coronavirus.”

One of them, Ramoni Bello said: “It is not every disease that the doctors can cure through the use of injection, our forefathers used herbs to cure so many diseases and it’s still effective now. For me, herb is gbogbonise (cure of all ailments) because it flushes out every disease from the system, especially when taken before eating anything in the morning.”

Another, Olatunbosun Lasisi added: “Agbo is very good for coronavirus ailment. It has the same symptoms as malaria such as headache, fever, stooling, and body pains.”

The Medical Doctor in charge of Oshodi COVID-19 Sample Collection Centre, Dr. Baqiah Nojimudeen-Yesufu, who termed the act of patronizing the herbal concoction as ignorance of the people, said governments need to intensity awareness programmes at the grassroots, emphasizing that many people are still ignorant of the effects of coronavirus, hence the reason for the increase in the positive cases reported daily in Lagos.

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