Video: Lagos Resident Caught Stealing Energy from Ikeja Electric

A man living on Daleko Fatokun Street, Abule Taylor, Off Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos, is in a serious trouble for stealing power supply by tapping light from a source and passing it through the earth for about a hundred meters and right into his house. The man, whose name is yet not disclosed, had last year requested that his account (probably, prepaid) be suspended. He went ahead to tap energy from another source after his request was granted, but it was only recently discovered.

The theft was discovered by a group of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company staff who were on monitoring and technical mission.

Video showing the staff of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company pulling out the power cables passed through the ground

The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company said that “apart from the illegality and the negative impact of the activity on the bills of neighbors, it is also a major safety threat. Currently, we are taking appropriate steps to address the matter.”

They said that energy theft is illegal, advising users to desist from it.

They advised the public to report any illegal electrical activities on their network, via mail to or call customer care lines: 01-7000250, 09087940825

There have been instances where residents in Nigeria try to bycut the digitised units supply networks of Distribution Companies by tapping from the source poll or from places that are not making use of the prepaid networks. Some say it is more economical to not use the prepaid, as according to them, extensive use of air conditioners, electrical cooking stoves, water heaters, pressing irons, and the like, expend more units than usual. Therefore, a few device a clever means of tapping from the energy supply without paying for it, while it is alleged that others bribe somee DisCo staff to pretend oblivion as they tap from other sources.

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