Hushpuppi Has Fraud Cases to Answer With Us, EFCC Discloses

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has this evening disclosed that Ramoni “Ray Hushpuppi” Igbalode, who was recently picked up by the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, in a joint operation with the International Police (Interpol) for internet fraud and money laundering, has been under their watch for a considerable time and that they have built a lot of evidence that will indict him for many cases of cyber crime. They claim that they are collaborating with the FBI to identify the victims of his fraudulent activities.

In a press release this evening, the commission said that they have been building a robust case against the criminal hacker, saying that he will still have cases to answer in Nigeria should he ever step into the country.

Part of the press statement read: “Nigerian most-wanted hacker, Ramoni Igbalode, alias Ray hushpuppy, recently arrested by the International Police (Interpol) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI), has considerable cases of cyber crimes being investigated by the EFCC.

The Commission is familiar with grisly details of his money laundering transactions, involving many high-profile cyber criminals facing trial in Nigeria.

The Commission is engaging with the FBI in tracing victims of his fraudulent transactions and other fraudsters having direct involvement with him. Local cyber criminals with money laundering networks with him, are also being investigated.

Hushpuppi was arrested on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 in United Arab Emirates in connection with $35million ventilator scam.”

According to people who lived close to Igbalode, he was living in squalor with his family before he found a way to travel abroad. One admirer and fan said Ramoni was brokenhearted when his sister died in a hospital because the family had no money to pay for her treatment. He wept that day and vowed that he must “make it” in live. We are not certain about this claim. But after traveling abroad, Mr Igbalode became affluent and lives extravagant life, showing off his wealth everywhere, including on the social media.