Anambra Communities: NEWMAP Begins Distribution of Special Seedlings, Energy-Saving Bulbs

The Anambra State branch of Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) yesterday commenced the distribution of healthy seedlings to some selected communities in the State. The distribution started with the Anambra State Project Coordinator, Michael Ivenso presenting the seedlings, along with special energy-saving bulbs to shortlisted residents of Abagana community of Njikokka Local Government Area of the State.

Mr Ivenso said that along with the seedlings, 27000 units of energy-saving bulbs have been procured by the Enugu branch of the Project, for distribution across communities bedeviled by erosion in the State. “The energy-saving bulbs use significantly less power to produce the same luminous capacity compared to traditional bulbs, thereby reducing greenhouse emissions which is a crucial element in the fight against global warming and climate change impact”, he explained. The fight against global warming is also an important prerogative of the Ministry of Environment.

Concerning the seedlings, there are two different types: the ones for combating erosion and the ones meant for food cultivation. The Natural Resources Specialist, Mr Emenike Ajulufo explained that they are made up of some socio-economic trees of local species which were carefully chosen to help regenerate forest and green environment around erosion-prone communities in the State. According to Mr Ajulufo, “the deep roots of these trees hold the soil to make them erosion-resistant; their branches provide cover and carbon sink for humans and the environment.” He explained that the farm seedlings will provide livelihood and source restoration for vulnerable population in the efforts to create food security. He disclosed that when combined, the two-pronged approach of economic tree planting and farm seedling will prevent formation of gullies and improve livelihoods and support for ndi Anambra.

The traditional ruler of Abagana, His Royal Highness Igwe Mbamali Okeke, received the donations on behalf of the Abagana community. He thanked the State Government for the kind gesture, and observed that NEWMAP has evidently been rolling out different innovative measures in erosion control. The Abagana Community Association chairman, Sir Godfrey Nzeakor, expressed the community’s gratitude to NEWMAP, pointing out that the seedlings will go along way in stabilizing their erosion prone community while assuring that there will be an equitable distribution of the items, which also included the energy-saver bulbs.

The distribution of the seedlings and energy-saving bulbs is being done simultaneously by the NEWMAP officials across various communities of the State.
Should there be a need for verification or further enquiries concerning this exercise, please call Anambra State NEWMAP on +234 (0) 8183034336 or send your message to


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