Pictures: Bus Van Bearing Tomatoes Tumbles Through Deathtrap On Ibadan-Lagos Expressway

A bus van carrying tomatoes en route to Lagos, tumbled near Bovas petrol station, in the Adeojo Mosque area close to Boluwaji along the Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, spilling its contents on the pavement. This happened around the earliest hours of today.

The accident happened when the driver white chevrolet van aimed to overtake a vehicle ahead of it, oblivious of the danger that the spot poses. It is not clear if the driver and the other occupant survived the crash.

The part of the express is fast being eroded by rainwater, and the erosion has dangerously destroyed the pavement and encroaching into the main part of the road. This is made more hazardous by the gully on the opposite side which is at least 20 feet deep.

There are no beacon or any form of warning around this deathtrap to warn motorists of danger. Motorists usually go through this part at top speed and their usual desire to overtake at will could be fatal them.

The people of the area are calling on both the State and Federal governments to come to rescue the road before it causes more loss of life, and divide the ever busy expressway.

More details soon.

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