Watch! Nine Adorable Kids Have Mini BlackLivesMatter March on Seattle Streets

A viral short video has emerged of children of kindergarten age staging a Black-Lives-Matter demonstration, carrying placards, inscriptions on toy micro wagon, and chanting BLACK LIVES MATTER! in the city of Seattle as their older counterparts were away at the the Seattle BLM protests. A woman was able to film a short video of the children demonstrating.

Children march on the streets of Seattle, chanting BLACK LIVES MATTER

A resident of Seattle said that children in the city had begun their cameo marches long before now. She said she has seen several kids mini-marches on Greenwood Ave in North Seattle in the past two weeks. Aside these, she says that the elderly are also demonstrating in their own little way. For example, she saw an old white lady and her dog standing alone by themselves on the corner with a large, glittery BLACK LIVES MATTER sign one afternoon.

The 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, may have completely underestimated the resolve of millions of the country’s citizens to exercise their right to protest, after threatening to employ violent military control to effectively stop the protests. The protests have since expanded to a global scale, defying the social distancing measures necessitated by the COVID-19 crisis.

The Black-Lives-Matter campaign has been on for some years now, but the new wave of demonstrations began in May when a young man by name George Floyd was murdered by a police officer who appears to be nursing racial prejudice, in Minneapolis. The police officer knelt on the neck of Floyd while several other officers looked on without stopping him. The victim kept begging to be freed, saying he cannot breathe, that he needs water. But the police officer did not ease the pressure on the African American George Floyd’s neck. Floyd did not survive it.

The president, Donald Trump, did not appear to be much concerned about the incident, as he kept talking about party politics and attacking liberals, calling them foul names. The policemen in question were initially not arrested, until pressure mounted for them to be prosecuted.

Another video has emerged showing an African American girl being welcomed back to the neighborhood by her white American friend and playmate, in Louisville, Kentucky. Re-enforcing the saying that race is socially learnt and love is innate.

An African American girl reuniting with her friend mate, after staying three months apart

The two 9-year-old best friends since kindergarten were reuniting after three months in quarantine.

The Black-Lives-Matter campaign is seeking for end to complacent judicial approach to racism and hate crimes, and the reform (and in some quarter, complete end) of the policing system; as well as racial discrimination against the black and coloured people in the USA and the world at large.

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