Video: NDLEA, Police, Arrest Nna And Nwagalagu for Gun Running

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, while conducting stop and search at the Abaji point, arrested one Chukwudi Nna for concealing five new pump action rifles, and ten packs of live cartridges each containing 25 rounds of ammunition, that is 250 live ammunitions, in a bale of clothes and conveying them to Abuja to deliver to Mr Samuel Nwagalagu. Nna was conveying the concealed weapons from Onitsha, Anambra State, sent to deliver the arms Mr Samuel Nwagalagu. Based on the information given by Nna, Nwagalagu was swiftly arrested.

Nna told NTA News that he was only on an errand and did not know Mr Nwagalagu hitherto. He claims that he was only delivering the waybill to Mr Nwagalagu.

Video credit: Nigerian Television Authority, NTA

Mr Nwagalagu claims that he had stopped the gun running for a while and was only returning to it again.

The NDLEA duly handed over the suspects to the FCT Command of the Nigerian Police, and thorough investigation has been launched to fish out the sources of the guns and those Mr Nwagalagu have had dealings with.

It should be recalled that back in March this year, about 1360 live ammunitions were intercepted by the NDLEA on the Bauchi-Jos highway. Concealing arms and ammunition in most remotely related items has been one of the ways thugs and gun runners beat security surveillance in Nigeria. Some go as far as hiding arms in coffins bearing dead bodies, in fuel tanks of buses or cars or motorcycles, and in bags of grains or other foodstuff.

In this very scenario, the NDLEA were only suspecting and searching for indian hemp, only to discover the arms and ammunitions.

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