Exclusive: Victim of Pastor Douglas Gives Details of His Evil Ways

A pastor by the name Adebiyi Gabriel Olajide-Mackson has asked the relevant authorities to contact him for further details about the fraudulent activities of Pastor Chris McDouglas Omosokpea, of Peculiar Generation Assembly Church, which is at 17/19, Kayode Street, Off Ayodele Street, Mafoluku, Oshodi. Pastor Chris was recently arrested for having sex with a minor who is the daughter of a member of the church. According to the pastor Omosokpea’s confession, he has been having carnal knowledge of the girl (who is now 18 years old) for the past four years right from the age of fourteen (14). Mr Olajide-Mackson says, “I have much details about this man, being a (former) friend. He is a fraudster. I can be of help to the authorities to reveal more about his antecedents.”

Mr Olajide-Mackson posed with Pastor Chris McDouglas Omosokpea, in the embattled pastor’s church

The parents of the girl have been members of the church for the past twelve (12) years and thought that the pastor was a genuine man of God. But in recent months, the mother of the girl noticed dip in attitude of the girl and despite her efforts, the mood of her daughter continued to worsen. Things came to a critical point when the girl started having suicidal thoughts and the mother had to compel her to confide in her. The girl opened up to her mother that she has been having sex with the pastor, whom she said threatened her never to disclose it. The knowledge of this unholy affair left the entire family devastated and the family summoned courage to report it to the Makinde Police Station. Pastor Douglas was invited to the station but for more than a month he refused to honour the invitation. Rather, he petitioned the AIG against the mother of the girl.

But luck ran out on him when his explanation was not watertight. He has since been detained at the Zone 2 Command in Onikan, Lagos Island and was last week arraigned in a court.

His wife has admitted to being aware of the abuse. This has left many shocked, wondering why she could be aware of such despicable act and yet keep quiet about it. This much, will be revealed in our interview. Apparently, the pastor Chris McDouglas Omosokpea is a ‘wife-beater’.

“This man was supposed to be my mentor, but God was already preparing him for destruction as at the time I met him in 2014. I was about going for my Bible college then. When I was under his tutelage, I saw hell while attending his church because of my greater anointing. I saw all these bad habits then, I warned him but being a cultist, he threatened me. He went further to attack my investments after I left him. But, I gave him his due respect. I only told him, I am a superior prophet than him and he will regret his actions later if he failed to repent. This was in September 2016. The lady in question and many others, I counselled them to be careful around him, but they were already hypnotized. I am happy though, but a big lesson to his likes who are still deep in or indulge in this act.” Says Mr Adebiyi Gabriel Olajide-Mackson.

Find below, excerpts from the interview.

Reporter: How did you meet this man?

Response: I met him at Ajah in 2014. I was infront of my office and he was passing by. He came back to me and asked for the MD. I pretended and told him the MD wasn’t around. He said, he will be back again. Two days later, he came again and my Secretary ushered him into my office. He was shocked to see me. I asked him to go straight to the point. He started the narratives that God led him to be praying for me. I didn’t see anything bad in prayer. I gave my nod. I ordered one of my drivers, a young Calabar man, to be taking him around with one of my vehicles. I ensured he is comfortable all the time.

Reporter: What impressions did you make about him as you met?

Response: I was happy with his aggressiveness in prayer initially and hopeful of a better relationship.

Reporter: How long then have you known the man?

Response: Since August, 2014.

Reporter: How does he treat his wife?

Response: Wife beater. No regard for his wife. Seeking out for rich women and he’s a gigolo.

Reporter: How does he treat and relate with his church officials?

Response: Very arrogant. Display of fake power and prophecies to hook his members. No message but praising anyone with money. God father to 419 and drug barons.

Reporter: How is his behaviour towards other clergymen like?

Response: Not reliable. He has his own group. Fake men of God.

Reporter: How does he treat his congregations, especially the less privileged among them, compared to the well-to-do?

Response: He tells people to donate for the less privileged but….Scam!

Reporter: What exactly is his calling? What are the talents he is really obviously blessed with as a pastor?

Response: Guy man. Fake prophecy all the time. No calling but stomach must survive.

Reporter: What are his ultimate goal as a minister? I mean, does he have a mission target? Or two or more? What are his goals?

Response: None, practically. Only after the mundane things.

Reporter: What is his financial well-being like? Does he do anything else to earn legitimate income aside being a pastor?

Response: Does nothing than scamming people.

Reporter: Tell us what went wrong between you both.

Response: Shortly [after he began his prayer mission with me], I ventured into politics in my state and we were campaigning for a brother and friend. Along the line, a prophet met me and told me to embark on a 21-day fasting and prayer at RCCG. That I must be close to GO [General Overseer] altar all through. I decided to begin the 21-day fasting and prayer on the 15th day of May, 2015. It was Monday, I left Ajah en route Ojota. I called him to say hello, and he invited me to Mafoluku. I went to meet him and did explain my mission. He convinced me to stay with him rather than embark on that journey. I insisted but he succeeded in convincing me to stay. I agreed and remained with him for that period. Before the end of the 21-day fasting and prayer, he came with all manners of prophecies that God said, I should stay with him for up to 6 months or my [destiny?] will die. Behold and lo, I spent 15 months with him.

I left my business and started working as an evangelist under him. When I couldn’t pay my rent at the office, I called out to partners. The ABC and G. Agofure Motors came but I ended up with Agofure Motors. Under the agreement, G. Agofure Motors paid ₦18 million for 3 years and ₦500,000 each year for me. The first money I got, on the 24th of December 2015, this man collected it. That was the genesis of my problems. He used his satanic power to tie my destiny.

Reporter: What can you advise others who are yet under the operation of his ministry?

Response: Many are under such embargo still, they need to be delivered. My case may be the needed impetus for their deliverance. I have nothing to hide. If not God, I should be dead by now through his diabolical power.

According to Pastor Adebiyi Olajide-Mackson, Pastor Chris Omosokpea is indeed a randy person. He says that he has a lot to expose about the man, but will not be a hurry to divulge more yet, until he is approached by the relevant authorities. He advised that the authorities must be serious about protecting the victims and their loved ones, as Omosokpea has “strong” clandestine connections.

Omosokpea is from Ishan, Edo State.

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