Jigawa 7 New Cases: NCDC Admits Error, Apologise to Nigerians

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, has inadvertently announced 7 new cases in Jigawa, where in truth, there were none. This error was capable of creating a negative relationship with the ministry of health of Jigawa State, and the government of Jigawa State. But in the very early hours of today, the NCDC realised their mistake and hurriedly corrected themselves, while making apologies. They said, “Yesterday, we erroneously reported 7 new cases in Jigawa. Following further review, we can confirm that these were repeat tests for previously confirmed cases. We apologise for this error and remain committed to ensuring transparent and accurate reporting of test results.”

The NCDC had yesterday evening reported seven new cases of persons testing positive to COVID-19. See the total number of cases for each state below.

Total cases of positive tests per each state of Nigeria

Jigawa State is the closest State to Kano, as most part of it was in the old Kano State before the State of Jigawa was created in August 1991. Most of the Jigawa was the eastern half of Kano State. The border between the two States is fluid and they interact in ways that it is scarcely discernable. The most apparent resources of Jigawa are gold, livestock and sorghum.

This is also not helping matters especially for those who believe that the NCDC is concocting figures. Also, the Kogi State Government has had a series of disagreements with the NCDC in the past six weeks. The acrimony had led to the governor of the State, Yahaya Bello, to wonder if the NCDC is trying to force cases on the State. Moreso the reports of two positive cases from the Kabba area of the State, which the state government came out to deny and allege conspiracy. See our report on their allegations here.

The incident of yesterday’s error, has left many wondering if there have been such errors before that were not discovered or admitted.

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