Focus on Miyetti Allah, Fulani Herdsmen, Others and Leave IPoB Alone, Nigerians Hit Out on FG

Nigerians have taken to social media to criticize the Nigerian Government for choosing to talk about the activities of the IPoB, instead of dealing with Fulani herdsmen terrorists, Boko Haram and other criminal groups in the country.

Shehu Sani, had on Sunday, said IPoB have been getting a monthly funding to the tune of $85,000 USD since October 2019, from its allies, the US, UK and the European Union to cause instability in the country.

The Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to president Muhammadu Buhari, also described as misleading, the claims by the Pro-Biafra group that the Nigerian Federal Government is bent on persecuting Christians.

This was not well received by some people, who then took it out on the Federal Government on social media.

@MaxiWaltz “Miyetti Allah used national dailies to threaten other part of Nigeria but Shehu Garba is interested in IPOB.IPOB is really giving you guys sleepless night.”

@NekkaSmith “Garba Shehu, the Presidency has not said ‘pim’ about the ongoing slaughtering of Southern Kaduna People. Kaduna is a stone throw away from Abuja but your major concern is how IPOB has strianed your US/EU ties.”

@Ayemojubar “But this same Garba Shehu kept silent when Miyetti Allah vomited their madness yesterday.It’s shameful this is coming from presidency.”

@NkemdiMary “This is just the beginning. You want IPOB to keep quiet whilst you kill Christians in Nigeria? No way!

@honilatte “Miyetti Allah said some dangerous words some days back but your madness didn’t allow you see it.We can’t be fooled Garba Shehu.”

@DynamiteAsegun “Of course, a regular bullhorn of a jihadi enabler will always deny the reality of the persecution of Christians in the North. He’s tilting IPOB as a scapegoat, but would never use the same harsh words for Boko Haram or killer herdsmen.”

@Giftairwaves “Why bring in religion into IPOB struggle? Will it be proper to say Miyetti Allah is using Islam to wage war against the Nigerian state? Please stop waging war against Christians.”

@TheRoy “The Buhari regime has sympathy and spot for the North but contempt and aggression for the SouthEast. Why hasn’t it declared the murderous Fulani herdsmen terrorists, and why is it busy letting Boko Haram murderers off the hook to walk the streets freely in mockery of those they killed?

@IconicNino “Garba Shehu uncovered plots by Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB to set Nigeria against US, UK, others. But did not uncover plots to stop and bring to book the Fulani herdsmen militia that are massacring Christians in Kajuru Southern Kaduna and other parts of Nigeria and taking over their lands.”

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