CAN Warns Miyetti Allah, says They are Trying to Tear Nigeria Apart

The Miyetti Allah has been warned by the Christian Association of Nigeria, from further using statements capable of destroying the nation, noting that the statement credited to it, was capable of tearing the nation apart.

Miyetti Allah leader was accused of saying that the group owns Nigeria and has the right to do anything it wishes.

Condemning the statement, Rev John Joseph Hayab, Vice-Chairman of CAN, 19 Northern States and FCT, said in a statement made available to Vanguard in Kaduna on Sunday, that Nigeria does not belong to any ethnic group, section or religion but to everybody.

He said the newspaper story credited to the National President of one of the groups of Miyetti Allah who was quoted to have said that “Nigeria belongs to Fulani and they will rule forever” confirmed and identified those who do not wish Nigeria to live in peace and unity.

Part of the statement read: “Our stance is that no well-meaning individual should use the name of an association or platform like MiYetti Allah to make such serious divisive statements like the one above.”

“The truth is that Nigeria does not belong to any ethnic group, section or religion but to every one of us. Making such false claims as that of MiYetti Allah’s President only create tension and fuels crisis,” he said

CAN therefore, called on the Federal Government through the DG SSS and IGP to have a session with the ethnic superiority champion to “school him on the diversity of Nigeria and the need for restraint from such reckless statements”.

“All well-meaning members of the Miyatti Allah group need to urgently disassociate themselves from the provocative statement linked to the group as proof that the speaker is not playing a script.”

“Without a doubt, there are members of Miyetti Allah who love this country genuinely, craving to see the country grow in peace and develop in every sphere reckon that the statement credited to the group’s President is not a popular view, as such, needs to be publicly opposed.”

“Nigeria’s problems are numerous; from insecurity to bad economy and now the Covid-19. CAN, therefore, does not want to add to the barrage of problems the country face by letting unscrupulous people make grave and ungodly utterances that have dangerous security implications.”

“Nigerians will wait and see what the Federal Government through her security agencies will do about this inflammatory statement unless if we have separate laws for different groups of people in this country,” he said.


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