Pink’s White Fans Furious With Her Over Anti-Trump Video

American actress, model, dancer, musician, songwriter, and music producer, and an active UNICEF ambassador, Alecia Beth Moore, aka P!nk has angered many of her white fans who have been her ardent fans, including Lauren Boebert who is running for Congress, by posting a video in which she had an outright go at those who plan to reelect the 45th President of the United State of America, Donald Trump, saying on Tuesday, 3rd June, 2020, “How can anyone call themselves a patriot or American, if you reelect a president who doesn’t govern, respect or represent half of our country? That is not America, that’s YOUR AMERICA. It’s not America. So you either worship the ‘confederate flag’ which is not our flag, and never will be; or you are an hypocrite that doesn’t actually understand the meaning of patriotism or what it means to be American. TRUTH.”

Alecia Beth Moore, aka P!nk

Pink said there are wonderful white vets, and her family are one. The 40 year old mother of two, is a daughter of a war veteran. She has not hidden that fact from the public. In fact, she made mention of it in her song ‘My Vietnam’ almost two decades ago.

The video by P!nk that has infuriated Trump supporters

The video (above) has generated a lot of furor from most especially the supporters of Trump, who are equally ardent fans of hers. Most of them were taken completely of guard, thinking that by virtue of her being a child of a Veteran (a military person who has fought in a war; otherwise referred as war veteran), she would support Trump’s policies and rhetoric. Lauren Boebert, a republican MAGA movement campaigner told Pink to apologize for what she said. She said, “Hey Pink, I support President Donald Trump and I am very much an American. You should apologize that shameful statement of yours.” But Pink was having none of it, as she replied her curtly at her obvious omission of the word FOR. She retorted: “If you’re running for Congress, you should quickly learn how to complete full sentences. You won’t have my apology or my vote…”

The argument did not end there, as Boebert said, “You’re just full of insults & vitriol it seems. Your statement was an insult to millions of Americans who love this country & love President Trump. Good luck filling up arenas on your tours when you alienate 50% of the country with your rhetoric.” And then Pink replied, saying “People who love trump at this point are an insult to humanity, goodness and human rights. And there’s less and less of them every single day. I put what’s right in front of my career ANY DAY. I’ve done just fine. All that can wait. But it looks like you’re trying to win votes.”

Lauren Boebert, a Colorado based republican running for Congress

A fan said, “She made such a big deal a few years back about her dad being a Vet and “supporting” Vets… Just another dirtbag celeb it seems…” and Pink spared no time in replying him saying, “So you’re saying Vets are all trump supporting racist white people? Really?! There are plenty of African American, Latino, Asian, gay, female, Native American veterans out there. What are you even talking about?1/3 of America’s homeless are vets, trump doesn’t support them either.”

President Donald Trump has come under severe criticism of late after trying to deflect attention from the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the USA, and the blood-chilling murder of George Floyd. Things became worse for him after he threatened to call on the National Guard if the #BlackLivesMatter protests are not dealt with by the mayor of Minneapolis. In response, however, the protests has spread to other cities and even to other countries of the world.

True to his threat, Trump has ordered the National Guard services at the protests, as well as other state security agents. Several days ago, we reported http://switchnigeria.com/2020/06/02/bishops-angry-with-trump-for-staging-photo-op-at-their-church/ that Trump used force to push back protesters and have a staged photo op at the St. John’s Episcopal church opposite the White House.

Pink won an award for championing the cause of people, October, 2019

P!nk won the People’s Champion award at last year’s E! People’s Choice Awards, in October 2019. She is also a passionate philanthropist. She vowed that she will never let her career or profession get in the way of her humanity.

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