Despite Millions of FG Allocations, Ideato Primary Healthcare Centre is Dilapidated and Deserted

The Primary Healthcare Centre in Ideato, Imo State, looks unkempt, dilapidated and deserted, despite Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) disbursement of over one hundred million Naira to the Local Government Area where the centre is located, for the month of April 2020 alone. The Federal Government disbursed as much as three billion, nine hundred and seventy seven million, one hundred and ninety five thousand, two hundred and twenty five Naira, ninety four kobo (₦3,977,195,225.94) to Imo State as total allocation after deductions, for the fiscal month of April.

Total allocations according to each Local Government Area in Imo State

Imo State is classified as a Niger Delta state and so enjoys the special 13% Derivation Funds from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The State Government therefore, got ₦3.9bn and the Local Government Area where this ‘Healthcare Centre’ is located, Ideato North, got ₦155m. Yet, the state of the Healthcare unit looks pitiful.

The unit does not appear to have any staff working within it as it looked dirty and abandoned. The people of the communities are demanding for the Centre to be rehabilitated and equipped with sufficient drugs, personnel, and medical inputs to enable it to serve the communities around it. They are therefore calling on the State Government to wade into the issue and bring the Centre back to life.

The case is the same for many Local Government Areas in Nigeria and it is necessary that citizens begin to ask questions of their State Governments and Local Government Area chairpersons in order to facilitate attention to the vital issue of healthcare in the country.

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