DSS Invites Youth Who Received Threats After Exposing Sen. Aduda’s Project Scam

The young man who exposed the naming scam of Senator Philip Aduda’s ₦225 million town hall constituency project in the FCT, has been summoned by the Department of State Security Service this morning, a move that alarmed Tracka, for which the young man works for. The young man received threats to his life after Tracka shared a post exposing the project and the amount it was executed with, as well as the renaming of the hall to Jummai Aduda Youth Centre, without recourse to the prescribed guidelines. As the social media posts gained ground and became viral, the name boldly written on the building was hurriedly and poorly erased.

The project in Karu

The project is the renovation of a town hall in the FCT area of Karu. Many are incensed that a project as small as that could gulp as much as ₦225 million. The young man, Garba Abdullahi, is a dietician but works as a ‘community champion’ for BudgIt. He is the one who traced the project and took pictures of it. He started receiving threats to his life, even from PDP youth leaders of the FCT, of which one Francis Pember aka Wakawaka is one.

Wakawaka, took to Facebook to threaten the young man. See his post below.

“We hereby inform the public that our Community Champion – Garba Abdullahi – has been invited by the Department of State Services (DSS). Our lawyers are with him. We hope this will be resolved amicably.” Tracka, alarmed, notified the public this morning. Earlier on Monday, they released a press statement to notify both the public and the relevant authorities, including the Inspector General of Police (IGP), thus: “Our community champion in Abuja has been threatened for sharing our recent post which called out Sen. Aduda on his facebook page.
We enjoin the IG of police to look into this issue and take necessary actions to protect our representative who is currently on the run.”

BudgIt said on Tuesday, “Our community champion has received a series of threats following Tracka’s call out of Senator Aduda for naming a constituency project of N225m after his mother.
We hereby ask the IG of Police to investigate this issue and take action – to prevent any mishap.”

Mr Garba Abdullahi

Nevertheless, Mr Garba Abdullahi was accorded the best regard while at the office of the State Security Service, according to Connected Development, a civic right organization, who also accompanied him with their lawyer, Charles Uche, Esq. Abdullahi was also accompanied by two project staff of BudgIT Nigeria, and the legal advisers of Citizen Gavel, and BudgIT.

“He was treated in fairness, respect and dignity. Clarifications were made and a peace undertaken was signed. His safety was also guaranteed.” Charles Uche, Esq. admitted. “Mr Garba Abdullahi was accorded professional courtesy throughout the process. There were questions/clarifications. As Mr Garba did, relevant parties would sign a peace undertaking. The most crucial thing being that threats to his person have now been formally laid before the DSS.”

Francis Pembe aka Wakawaka

Senator Aduda is the senate minority whip. He is under the auspices of People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

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