Woman Suffers Miscarriage After Being Shot in the Abdomen During Protests in USA

“My baby! My baby!!” Cries Saraneka Martin, a protester, as she writhes on the floor, clinging to her abdomen after non-lethal bullets were shot at both her abdomen and her lower back back (see pictures and videos below). Saraneka was among other protesters exercising their civic right at the Austin Police Department Headquarters on Saturday. She was shot with a leather-bean round of bullets. She was pregnant. She is in the hospital at the time of press, complaining of serious pains.

Medics attending to Saraneka Martin on the spot as she writhes in pain

“I do not regret standing up for what’s right and I’m not going to apologize for that much. I will also appreciate you not holding me accountable for the police shooting at me isnt my fault they chose to shoot at me I am not in the wrong for protesting.” Saraneka says. “I was being safe my peaceful protest was safe it was the police who made it an unsafe environment for me and for my fetus I was not hurt by protesters I was hurt by the police so if I can’t peacefully protest and be safe well what can I do?”

Saraneka Martin showing the two places where the non-lethal bullets hit her. One at the centre of a Caesarian section scar; the other at her lower back

Less than five hours ago she posted this message on her newly opened Twitter account, “I’m in so much pain I’m going to go to the ER I’m scared because they won’t let people in with me I don’t want them to hurt me I wish my heart… I wish I had support that could stand outside the hospital no one can stand inside the hospital 🥺 hold meeeeee I’m scared.”

There has been protests in the entirety of the United States of America, starting from Minneapolis, where an innocent African American George Floyd, was brutally murdered by a white police officer who knelt on his neck. The protests spread to other cities of the country even after the president, Donald Trump, threatened military force if the mayor of Minneapolis does not put the situation under control. The protests has spread to other countries of the world, and citizens have defied Covid-19 to come out en masse to protest against racism especially by the police establishment of the United States of America.

Saraneka Martin shortly before she got shot, on Saturday

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