Outrage in Yobe as Police Release 42-year-old Rapist of 7-Year-Old

A 42-year-old man, who repeatedly raped a 7-year-old internally displaced girl, has been released by the Yobe State Police Division.

The girl, whose name has been withheld, lives with her mother in a camp at Garbi, a place close to Nguru town, after they fled insurgent attacks.

According to the activist helping the victims family get justice, the people in the town are outraged after they saw the perpetrator of the crime, Danladi Naira, walking freely in town.

Describing how the alleged rapist was nabbed, he said, “The rapist always picks the girl on her way to Islamiyya and rape her.

“One day she was crying and her mother decided to give her a bath. It was during the bath that the mother of the victim discovered semen and blood on her private part.

“The victim told her mum how she was raped several times and the person responsible was traced.”

Shortly after arresting Danladi Naira, the police released him to go, causing emotional trauma for the victim and her family.

“With a medical report from the hospital, the case was taken to the Nguru Police Station. From there, the rapist was taken to Damaturu Police CID.

“But on Sunday, mother of the victim called me while in tears telling me that the rapist of her daughter had been set free by the police.”

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