Nigerians Attack Mrs. El-Rufai for Choosing to Keep Quiet About Southern Kaduna Killings

The First Lady of Kaduna State, Hadiza Isma El-Rufai, has come under serious criticism, for choosing to distance herself from her husband’s government, at least in words.

Mrs. El-Rufai was criticised by angry Nigerians, after she was seen celebrating reaching 800 followers on Twitter, in the wake of the renewed killings in Southern Kaduna, instead of doing her part to condemn the killings.

Switch Nigeria recently reported how people have been killed and how displaced people from the Southern Kaduna town of Kajuru have been taking shelter in an IDP camp.

Many have berated the Governor’s wife, for her show of insensitivity, when she was tweeting about her “need” for “a new body. Mine is getting old.”

Some of the displaced people taking shelter in an IDP.

When confronted by the angry social media users, Hadiza declared, “Did any of you see “First Lady” in my bio?

“My TL[timeline] is for language, humour and other light-hearted issues. I don’t tweet about serious matters like governance and politics.

“Though I’m married to a governor, I’m not a part of government. I swore no oath.”

Some of the Twitter users reminded her of how she campaigned for her husband to win the elections back to back.

Here are the reactions:

@Donteewrites said, “This is lame…you are the first Lady of Kaduna state and you are enjoying the privilege of same office. @elrufai is your husband who you see on daily basis. Tell him #Dadiyata children are suffering from the absence of their Father. He is the Governor, he should find Dadiyata!

Some of the dead bodies.

@Okikiade, “Not all people advocating for peace in Southern Kaduna are related to the government, but the human in them wouldn’t allow them to celebrate uneccesarily why people are being killed in their backyards. As a Muslim, you should know that the prophet S. A. W wives were not chosen as a prophet. ”

@_marcelline, “Big aunty please tell them, create and live in your own bubble of happiness. Is it today they started killing people? That’s old news, infact I admire the fact that you can celebrate an achievement (follower count) in the midst of all this suffering and masscre.”

@AssuranceOyi, “Thank you very much madam el-rufai. People losing their lives in southern Kaduna is too serious to tweet about jare. No need to lend your voice to condemn the violence after all you didn’t ‘swear any oath’.”

@Ayodele0074, “In your bio you said and I quote ‘I live to serve.’ It is time to serve the people of Kaduna, talk to your husband. People’s lives are at risk.”

Another, with the handle @Devereux42502064 said, “Ma’am, if you continue celebrating fans on Twitter, while neglecting the killings in Southern Kaduna, someday, you will wake up and find no one following you.”

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