Woman Who Accused Kogi Commissioner of Rape, Congratulates Him On His Birthday, Gets Cyber-Bullied

A young woman by the name Elizabeth Oyeniyi, who accused Governor Yahaya Bello’s Commissioner for Water Resources of raping and physically abusing her, today wished the same Commissioner happy birthday, calling him sweetheart. The aspiring beauty pageant and former student of Federal College of Education, Okene, Kogi State, had early April, 2020, accused the Commissioner, Mr Abdulmumuni Danga of physically abusing her in the presence of his thugs and raping her, in a viral Facebook video post. Miss Oyeniyi, in a message that has since been deleted, today said: “Just want you to know that today I’m wishing you happy birthday 😉. I am very sure you are having fun! To those who thought we would be enemies forever, what do u think now?” Elizabeth went ahead to make a comment on a Facebook post that appears to be his, saying: “Happy birthday sweetheart 😁💪😘”

Elizabeth Oyeniyi

The post, although already deleted, has caused a major outrage towards her by the public, including those who had had her back when the accusations against Mr Danga surfaced. In fact, Miss Oyeniyi has suffered plenty of vitriols and cyber bullying since the post was noticed. She is claiming that her account was hacked but most of those who are angry at her are not believing her. As a result, she posted:

“I’m deactivating this account I’m done with social media it’s causing me more harm than good I’m losing my mind already I heard so much today only God saves life I’m not even save anywhere hmmmm I don’t know what to explain God help and save me I love you barrister Natasha akpoti and everyone else no one should be quick to judge me please I don’t know what to explain to u or everyone else ryt now I have to just delete and stop using social media
I’m deactivating this account”

Several human rights groups and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have taken up her case and campaigning on her behalf since the viral video. The State Government initiated an investigation into the allegations and promised to get to the bottom of the matter and if found guilty, vowed to deal with the Commissioner. The 23-year old Elizabeth had alleged that the Commissioner, with the aid of ‘his thugs’, abducted her. She said, “They flogged me. He flogged me himself, stripped me naked and made a video of me threatening to post it when next I make any public comment about it. They also made me apologise that what I said about him was not true under duress. I had to do so because they were all over me. He did not release me that day, rather he took me to a hotel nearby. Over the night, he made advances and raped me.” 

Mr Abdulmumuni was apparently furious during the accusations, and threatened to sue for character assassination. He had promised that he would not say much, that he will let investigations conclude first.

But the recent developments leaves much to be explained. Was her account really hacked? Or is she dazed by the huge condemnations coming her way, even from people who once supported her? Or has she been “shut up” the usual Nigerian politician’s way? Has she been paid to do this? Or was she lying about the whole accusations hitherto?

Miss Oyeniyi saying she is done with Social Media, disclosing that she will deactivate her accounts because of the negative reactions

All these questions are left for the appropriate authorities to unravel. The claim that the account was hacked, can easily be investigated. We await more revelations.

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