Gospel Singer ChyChy Recovers From COVID-19

The gospel singer and legal solicitor, who tested positive for COVID-19 after making mockery of Kano, Abba Kyari, and Northern States’ Almajiri returns, while accusing the Almajiris of spreading COVID-19 Chychy Chukwu has recovered from COVID-19. Chychy, who claims to be an attorney, took to her social media pages to thank all well-wishers while showing her gratitude to God for “miracles”. Recall that Switch Nigeria had reported about her ordeal while in quarantine in Abuja receiving treatment, most of which she documented on her Twitter page. Read our report here.

Chychy Chukwu had opined that the repatriation of Almajiri children was a political gimmick by governors of the the states in the North to score political points and corner funds. She also ridiculed late Abba Kyari for traveling, saying he was not [sic] elected to travel. She also mocked the way the government of Kano state was handling the pandemic.

The blogger, who was a stern critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, was in so much panic during her test prior to being discovered as positive to the rampaging Corona Virus. Moreso because she was making ridicule of those suffering from the same coronavirus. Even at the early stages of her treatment in the isolation centre, she was complaining about how the nurses were not hanging around to keep her company, leaving her to herself all day. Apparently, she has now tested negative and released from isolation.

She wrote: “I don’t know what Miracles mean to you. For me, seeing the Light of the Day is miraculous! This is all Miracles for me. Great, Great Miracles! Thanks Everyone! Love and Light”. Click here to see this tweet.

In yet another message, she wrote, “For this RAY of LIGHT! For ALL the RAYS of LIGHT that you ALL, EVERYONE of you brought my way. I AM IMMENSELY GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL! Thank you and God bless you!”Click here to view tweet.

Here is one of the videos she posted:

One of the videos she posted to show gratitude

The lady is back in the social media, recently lending her support for a reggae dancehall artiste who recently underwent depression, Cynthia Morgan. Also, she is back to her critical self, nonetheless, with more caution on her utterances.

Chychy expressing her joy at the well-wishes and prayers

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