Angry N-Power Beneficiaries Call Umar-Farouq a ‘Liar’ After Announcing Payment of April Stipends

Following the announcement made by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar-Farouq, on Saturday, that the ministry had concluded the payment of April stipends to the existing N-Power beneficiaries, many of the beneficiaries have taken to social to say nothing of such happened.

Switch Nigeria had reported that on that day of the announcement, many of the beneficiaries expressed their displeasure at the ministry’s lies, with some even insulting the Honourable Minister.

Two days later, many are still complaining that the payment was “audio payment” and not true, as only about 5% or less of the beneficiaries, can be said to have received their April stipends.

Others have complained that, the last time they received their pay was in February.

One Mr. Japheth Chubu said on N-Power’s Facebook page, “They are talking about April and May stipends and I’ve not even gotten March stipends. If by month end I’m yet to see any alert, it would have been three months that I’m without stipends. SMH.”

Another, Abdulkareem Saeed, expressed his regrets for celebrating the appointment of the minister, “I seriously regret the energy and precious time i used to celebrate the appointment of this disaster woman, she is indeed a disaster to this laudable program. May she handfully received what she have done to N-Power beneficiaries.”

One Emmanuel Ohepo Ajefu said, “It’s high time you guys started giving us a concrete explanation as to the cause of the delay in payment since the creation of the new ministry.”

In their defence, N-Power said, “The payment process has changed. Mr. President moved the programme to the ministry to institutionalize the social investment programmes. This is a new ministry built from the ground up. It has to institutionalize its process and also has to institutionalize its processes for programmes that were previously not under the ministry.”

Not only are beneficiaries angry about the lies, but also that the payment always comes late.

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