VIDEO: Soldiers Try to Help an Officer Whose Leg is Maimed

A 36 seconds video clip has emerged of two Nigerian soldiers badly wounded, with one of them particularly, shown with one of his leg cut at the knee.

As per the nature of the severe injury he has suffered, the soldier, whose name remains unknown, appears to have really contained his pain.

Sagging skin can be seen laid over what appears to be a bone, wit blood littered all over that part of his leg.

The other soldier who appears to have a far less injury, especially with his two legs intact, is being attended to, as one of his mates is trying to tie the part of the leg where he is injured, in order to restrain loss of blood.

Other concerned soldiers around the two men can be seen and heard doing what they can to help them.

The one-legged soldier can be heard saying, while trying to sit up, “I am condemned,” to which the officer trying to help him replied, “just lie down like this. You are not condemned. You are not condemned. You hear ba?”

Others can be heard suggesting a truck be brought to convey them to a hospital where they can be taken care of.

Another suggests that, “if there is no enough tourniquet, just find any good lace, use it as tourniquet.”

In addition to the two soldiers being attended to, another can be seen lying lifeless in the background, apparently with no injuries on his body, with his camouflage intact.

It is not clear what really happened to the soldiers, but it seems the leg was crushed by a truck or something.

This is coming just after Switch Nigeria reported that the Nigerian army suffered casualties during an ambush in Yobe.

The video:

It is possible that this happened during that ambush.


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