“Only 50 Persons Allowed at Funerals But 200 Allowed At Liquor Stores.” Weird Lockdown Order Baffles Locals

The Telugu State in India, has issued further Covid-19 lockdown orders, detailing the size of crowd to be allowed at certain events.

What’s however baffling to the locals its the decision to allow the maximum of 50 persons at funerals but 200 at liquor stores in the state.

The people are miffed that the against health risks and advice, the government is going ahead with its drive to reopen businesses.

“While only 20 people could attend a funeral, wonder why 200 people are allowed to come to a liquor shop?” A local man quipped.

People are also concerned that limiting the crowd at 20 during funerals would deny their dearly departed, a befitting send off.

According to a local newspaper The Bandra Times, the government’s move to reopen its meant to starve off possible economy collapse of the state.

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