SARS Shoot 17 Year Old in Abuja, While Chasing Kidnappers

Men of the Special Anti-roberry Squad (SARS), have reportedly shot a seventeen year old boy, while chasing kidnappers in Abuja.

A source told newsmen that the SARS operatives jumped into their compound and opened fire on those in the vicinity.

It was while they opened fire on those in the compound that 17 year old Sadiq was shot in the arm, as he was trying to run for cover, haven sighted the men and mistaken them for armed robbers.

The source said, “One of the officers shot him in the hand. Sadiq was bleeding. He handcuffed Sadiq and one of the neighbour’s son and took them into their vehicle. Meanwhile, the remaining officers broke the doors into the house, brought out the remaining boys and her husband and started beating them up.”

The lady added, “After we narrated our own side of the story, the officer realised there were some hidden facts. After clearly listening to his step mum, a senior officer asked them to release everybody.”

According to the source, she was later informed that the boys were being detained at the SARS office in Guzape where the officers claimed that they were trailing a kidnapper who had demanded for ransom money.

“After going back and forth, I insisted they give us Sadiq for treatment and seeing it’s a gunshot injury and none of the hospitals will accept us without a police officer attached to us. I demanded that one of the police officers should accompany us to the hospital.”

“They took Sadiq into their Hilux vehicle and drove him to National Hospital and left. The doctors told them to wait behind and submit their statement but they refused and left us there. When the bandage on Sadiq’s hand was removed, it was a gunshot injury.”

The bullet shattered Sadiq’s radius ulna and some other wrist bones.

The lady called on Nigerians to join them in ensuring Sadiq gets justice. The spokesman for the FCT Police Command, Mr. Anjuguri Manzal, told newsmen that he was yet to receive briefing on the incident.

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