FIFA Foundation to Organise Match to Raise Funds

The FIFA Foundation is planning to organise its first-ever official football match to raise funds for Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT), a global collaboration to accelerate the development, production and equitable global access to new corona virus essential health technologies, including diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

The Foundation, established in March, 2018, was set up as an independent entity with the objectives to galvanise positive social change around the globe, and also raise support for the recovery and reconstruction of damaged or dilapidated sports infrastructure worldwide.

Youri Djorkaeff having a field time with some of the beneficiaries of the FIFA Foundation

In the words of FIFA President Gianni Infantino, “It is our responsibility to demonstrate solidarity and continue to do everything we can to participate and support the efforts in the combat against the pandemic. We have been active in raising awareness via several other campaigns, and FIFA has also contributed financially to this cause, but now we commit ourselves to organise this global fundraising event when the health situation permits, even if this is only in some months’ time.”

The FIFA Foundation aims to use the match to expand the threshold of football beyond the traditional sporting environment and into the wider society to boost efforts at tackling the coronavirus disease.

Youri Djorkaeff, CEO, FIFA Foundation

According to the FIFA Foundation Executive Chairman, Mauricio Macri, “the Foundation will engage not only with the worldwide football community, but also other stakeholders from non-governmental organisations to other foundations, and from the private sector to governments, in order to ensure this initiative is a significant help to those who are at the forefront of research in combating COVID-19. Our focus is to develop and support a society that can provide a balance in terms of prevention from such diseases and the future life, creating an environment where sustainability can truly prosper.”

“Further details of this unique event, including the location, date, participants and format will be announced by the FIFA Foundation in due course,” Youri Djorkaeff, CEO of the FIFA Foundation, explained. He added, “Various scenarios and plans are currently under consideration, all of which are in line with health and other relevant guidelines from respective governments and international organisations.”

The FIFA Foundation has various ongoing projects, including its Community and Recovery Programmes, and specialised projects (like Football For Girls in the Middle East). Also, the inaugural FIFA Foundation Festival was held in Moscow, during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Foundation is rooted on the pillar of FIFA Corporate Social Responsibilities. These social responsibility goals are overseen by the FIFA Foundation Board, which is led by the FIFA President Gianni Infantino and from time to time, supported by FIFA, FIFA Partners and FIFA Legends. She adopts innovative, modern and digital approach in her communication and fundraising endeavours.

The Foundation Board is comprises of the FIFA President and at least two other members. The board aims to represent a vast horizon of stakeholders with strong expertise in the field of social development and an appropriate gender and geographic balance. The inaugural board consists of: Gianni Infantino, FIFA President and President of the Foundation Board, Sonia Fulford, FIFA Council member and member of the Foundation Board and Lydia Nsekera, FIFA Council member and member of the Foundation Board.

Sonia Fulford, FIFA Council member and member of the Foundation Board; Gianni Infantino, FIFA President and President of the Foundation Board; and Lydia Nsekera, FIFA Council member and member of the Foundation Board.

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