Fulani Occupation of Delta State: Some Monarchs Give Fulani Herdsmen Lands in Exchange for Money- Police Commissioner

The Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hafiz Inuwa, has disclosed that some royal fathers in the state were accumulating money from Fulani herdsmen and giving them sanctuaries to build camps.

He said this while responding to questions thrown at him by Vanguard Newspaper correspondents last Friday.

The Commissioner expressed dismay at the attitude of Delta people who will rather keep mum, than seek to get to the bottom of the shady land deals that have been taking place in the State- something that has left the people of the state at the mercy of the Fulani herdsmen.

Commissioner Inuwa said, “One of the traditional rulers at one time was so perplexed and ran to his counterpart with regard to the way and manner he was giving Fulanis sanctuaries with reckless abandon. Are they giving the land for free? We are aware they are collecting money from these Fulani herdsmen and people are not looking at all these things.”

When quizzed on what he has done about hostage-taking and the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the State, Inuwa responded, “First of all, I want to tell you that as Police, it is our constitutional responsibility to protect lives and property. Crime and criminality thrive everywhere. What I am trying to say is that there is no society all over the world that is isolated from crime one hundred percent. However, our ability to bring criminality to tolerable level is what makes us as a security force.”

“So, people should stop seeing or looking for government to provide absolute security for them. If all the security agencies would come together they cannot give a hundred percent security without the tacit cooperation of members of the public, absolute security is impossible.

“Members of the public must know that they too have civic responsibilities to themselves, to their communities, to the state and the nation at large. Unfortunately, this is absent in our people generally and I’m not particular about any state or sector.

”The answer is yes, we have been making series of arrests and recoveries. We have arrested some kidnappers at Oghara, who are Fulani and we handed them to the Commissioner of Police, Kogi state. We also arrested some of them somewhere close to Edo state and handed over to Commissioner of Police, Edo state, who also handed them over to Commissioner of Police, Kogi state. We are trying to see if we can recover their arms based on the information we get.

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