Africa Would Not Be Overly Impacted By Covid-19 – WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that death toll occassioned by Covid-19 in Africa would not be high as in other places due to her young population and low level obese population.

The research stated that Africa’s young and fit population would help the continent beat the high death tolls experienced across Europe and America.

Data from the WHO envisages that more than a quarter billion Africans would contract Covid-19 within a year.

The research claims that the death toll in Africa may likely hit 190,000 but still much lower than the forecasted figures for America. On the other hand, the continent’s figures are expected to be at par with that of Europe.

Africa’s population is estimated at 1.2 billion whereas Europe’s population is estimated at 700 million people. Africa has 900 million residents more than America.

US death toll is already at 86,000 and is estimated to eventually hit 220,000 by august, according to Institute for Health Metrics US.

The WHO research covered 47 countries in Africa and expects over a fifth or 22 percent Africans to contract Covid-19, a figure totalling 264 million infections.

Of these figures 44 million are expected to experience the symptoms of the virus, while 5.5 million would likely be hospitalised with chronic infection.

The estimated number of people who would express severe symptoms of Covid-19 would be 140,000 with roughly 89,000 becoming critically ill.

150,000 lives are expected to be lost but this figure could also rise to as high as 190,000, the research indicates.

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