“Dino Melaye is Part of Our Oppressors”, Fela’s Son Blasts

Former Senator representing Kogi West senatorial district casually posted a video of the great Afro Beat champion, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti singing about the need to promote indigenous medicine, calling the late global music sensation as a prophet. But he never expected the salvo from the son of the legend, Seun Anikulapo-Kuti who retorted to the Twitter post of the Kogi politician after a user tagged him under, in a usual no-holds-barred and fearless manner that has got Dino Daniel Melaye gasping. In fact, it appears that most fans of Dino did not expect the retort.

Seun, who is often likened to his late father, said: “I have told you all about Mr Dino Melaye; he’s part of our oppressors and elites who do not care about the youths and the poor of this country. No Nigerian youth should get deceived by his gimmick; there are many like him. There is another who calls himself FFK, and another who is Ayo Fayose, and many of them.”

He added, “Do not mind them, they think they can fool the youths again. When Mr Dino Melaye left the National Assembly before, he came onto Twitter to cajole the youths and the poor as if he had their best interest in mind. When he joined the Senate again, it was virtually everyday we were seeing his big house and cars, even though he knew that most people cannot afford to feed themselves. Very insensitive and wicked people!”

Dino Melaye is renowned for flaunting exotic vehicles and homes. Since his loss at the polls against Smart Adeyemi, he has resorted to melodramatic jabs via the social media. He also refers to himself as champion of the masses, involving in all or most online and on the street protests and advocacy for good governance.

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