Gospel Singer Who Mocked Kano, Kyari, Tests Positive, Records Experience From Quarantine

An Abuja-based gospel singer who goes by the alias Chychy Chukwu, has for several days been reporting her ordeal, from the experience of coughing symptoms through her testing for COVID-19 and isolation, to her emotions while receiving treatment.

Chychy had been cynical about the rationale behind the travel the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari embarked on. She asked why he should be the one to travel. That Nigerians did not [sic] elect him (Kyari) to travel, that what happened to the president or ministers. She then mocked a presidential spokesman’s statement on the late Abba Kyari, as seen in the screenshot of her tweet below

Screenshot of the gospel singer’s cynical comment on late Abba Kyari

Chychy in another tweet, made a ridicule of Kano State’s struggles, mocking them that they are only good at rigging elections. She also mocked the ongoing deportation of almajiri children, saying that the northern states politicise the COVID-19 pandemic to get money from it. Going by the development of the sacking of a health worker in one of the South-South states, one could observe that her allegations are not just wild guesses.

Shortly after these tweets and a flurry of opinions to suggest that she is a firm critic of the Federal Government, Ms Chychy began to develop symptoms akin to that of Covid-19 and during a visit to a hospital in Abuja, she was immediately isolated. Some who saw her tweets gloated that it could be karma, while others who had believed her allegations before, began to wonder if she too had been paid to pretend that she has symptoms and possibly, the virus.

Chychy tweeted as she awaited result to her Covid-19 screening

It has since been confirmed that the young lady is Covid-19 positive and has been receiving treatment. Chychy bravely took to Twitter to record her conflicting emotions as well as her experience every time she had the opportunity. She posted two videos yesterday of herself receiving treatment, showing her wincing as a health worker injected something into her system. She has ignored the few ridicules towards her as she continues to post her pain and anxieties.

Even though some people have discouraged Chychy from consistent indulgence in tweeting despite her condition, she insists that it is her only way to douse negative feelings while soliciting for prayers. And true to her expectations, she has been receiving a lot of goodwill. Below are her most recent posts

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