We Are Being Pressured to Announce False COVID-19 Cases- Kogi State Government

Dr. Saka Hassan, who is the Kogi State Commissioner of Health, has told newsmen that they are under pressure to announce false COVID-19 cases.

The statement was issued on Thursday and was in defence of an earlier report that 4 people died of the virus last week.

However, Dr. Hassan said the state was not going to give in to the pressure. Adding that the goal of those mounting the pressure was to politicise the matter as they were not happy that the State Government is being lauded by both local and international authorities for a job well done.

He said that he has been at the helm of affairs of all things medical in the state and that so far, no case has been brought forward.

He added, “First and foremost, it is imperative that the public realise that there is no state government that can deliberately put her people in harm’s way for whatever political reason and the current administration has been scored high by local and international observers on health. We have and will continue to put the health of our people as first priority.

“We have been in an annual fight against Lassa fever as the state is located in the Lassa fever belt, recording several cases with regrettable losses. We were first to establish a Biosafety Laboratory for Lassa fever in Nigeria and this year alone we have confirmed 30 cases of Lassa fever that was duly announced. To accuse the state of a cover-up of COVID-19 cases is mischievous and at best politically inclined.”

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