Nigerians Call for Lockdown to be Extended, as New Cases Hit 381, 183 in Lagos

Following yesterday night’s announcement of the daily COVID-19 cases by the NCDC, where 381 new cases were announced, Nigerians on social media have called on the president to extend the lockdown again.

With yesterday’s announcement, the total number of cases in the country now stands at 3,526, with 107 deaths, while 601 have so far been discharged.

Here are the reactions on Twitter:

@jonnydrille, “They eased the lockdown and now the numbers are increasing. Almost 400 new cases today and 183 in Lagos alone.We need to lockdown again, we have to”

@martinsissac10, “This is what happens when there is poor structure, poor management, negligence and sustained and prolonged years of maladministration.”

@jiggy_boy, “381 new cases, 183 in Lagos. lockdown the state called Lagos!
Distribute palliatives at polling units, set up mini-market at this same polling units with the price mechanisms enforced.”

@DoctorEmto, “381 fucking new cases with 183 in Lagos.Well, everyone gotta be careful. We’re likely going to hit 10k cases at this rate in this month of May.”

@iceprincy, “Isn’t it time for the govt to #extendlockdown since the figures keep on increasing.Imagine 183 in Lagos.”

@nursechocs, “55 in Kano and 183 in Lagos??? This is frightening. Today is May 7, just 3days apart. What will the record be in the next few days because the lockdown has been lifted. Stay at home, stay safe.”

@Oninudidun, “183 used to be per day for the whole of Nigeria. Now Lagos gained more followers; in just one day 183 in Lagos.I think we should #extendlockdown.”

@Benugbana, “183 in Lagos alone?
We just crossed the 3,000 mark just yesterday, and today, we already have 4,000 in view.
This thing was not coming at us this violently before na.”

@counle, “183 in Lagos alone?The next lockdown would be declared by the people for the people at this rate.”

@choqlateskynne, “We are exactly where the US was 2 months ago. Now they are almost at 60k deaths.God forbid. Please can they re-impose this lockdown?”

@Mr_ogbe, “183 in lagos? I hope we’re preparing for the main lockdown? The one we just had was rehearsal.”

@thegenuiusjaj, “Honestly,declaring a partial lockdown is the biggest mistake both the federal and state govts made.And honestly, the cases might still increase.”

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