Modern Royals: Yet-To-Be-Released Meghan-Harry Biography Already No. 1 Bestseller

The release date is the 11th of August, 2020, but the book “FINDING FREEDOM: Harry and Meghan and the Making of the Modern Royal Family” authored by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand has already become a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

There is a special catch to this one specific book because it is written by two prominent writers in the UK at the moment, who are renowned insider journalists covering the Royal Family and their outings. Therefore, it is not another typical biography by someone who is not closely familiar with the subjects of the biography or who depends on hearsay and speculations.

According to Scobie and Durand, “The aim of this book is to portray the real Harry and Meghan, a couple who continues to inspire many around the world through their humanitarian and charitable work, but are often inaccurately portrayed.”

Orders are pouring in fast. People are fascinated by the uncommon love story of Meghan, a daughter of an African American woman, and Harry, son of the late famous, loving and compassionate Princess Diana. Harry is often likened to his beloved mother as regards passion and attitude. The arrival of this relatively authoritative biography is on the back of consistent fake news and misinformation about the couple and its affairs in the Buckingham Palace and Britain.

Durand has covered events and news in the Royal Family for a decade and a half. Scobie has been a royal news contributor for several years, and is the host of “The Heir Pod” on ABC.

Harry and Meghan started their relationship in 2016. Since then, they have been in the eyes of the media, mainstream and otherwise. News about the couple; true fake, or half-truths, have proliferated since then, through their royal wedding, until now. The authors said this book will detail everything from their engagement, their wedding, their son’s birth, and their relatively recent decision to step away from royal life. There has been so much misinformation about this couple and the book aims to beam the light on the truth about it.

In January, controversial Arsenal Football Club fan, Good Morning Britain and (former?) Donald Trump supporter, Mr Piers Morgan, had an outburst on Twitter, attacking Meghan and the Prince. Equally, President Donald Trump also resorted to Twitter to ridicule the couple, warning that they will have to cope with paying for their own security escorts and arrangements if they desire to come live in the United States of America. All these drew extra attention towards a couple who are determined to attract less attention for their over-publicised royal status.

Source: Julia Webb (In The Know)

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