Coronavirus?: 155 Deaths Recorded in Yobe Within 6 Days

In the last 6 days, no fewer than 155 persons have died of what experts suspect to be Coronavirus, in the Gashua and Potiskum areas of Yobe State.

Between April 30 and May 5 alone, about 98 deaths have been recorded, a situation that has sent many a people in the State into panic.

A source said that the mass deaths are similar to what happened in Kano.

“Cemeteries are now the busiest places in these towns. In Gashua town, at least 57 have died. Those dying are mostly elders, yet the state Committee on COVID-19 is sleeping in Damaturu as if nothing is happening,” another source familiar with the situation, said.

The state Governor, Mr. Mai Mala Buni is notorious for spending more time away from the state than he does in it. The Governor spends about 80% of his time, spearheading the affairs of the State from Abuja and even at this time of recurrent deaths, the Governor is not around to address the situation.

Governor Buni seems unperturbed.

The Governor recently gifted Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) to 14 Emir’s in the state, that were worth over N600 million.

But the people of the state live in dire poverty.

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