World’s Largest Cassava Tuber Harvested in Delta State

A farmer, Mr. Chuwudumebi Innocent Nwogwonuwe who hails from Onitcha-Okpe Quarters, Ubulu-Uku, in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria, has harvested what many have considered the largest Cassava tuber in the world.

The Manihot esculenta, as cassava is botanically called, is more than 10 feet long and weighs in at 90.8 kilograms.

A better view.

The behemoth cassava tuber has attracted many to take photos of it and what is even more special about it is the fact that it was cultivated on a land that had no artificial or inorganic fertiliser in it.The former record holding cassava tuber was found in August, 2012 in Big Island of Hawaii. Volunteers and students at the farm of the University of the Nations found what they described as one of the biggest cassava roots they have ever seen. It weighed up to 83.6kg.

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