Kano “Strange Deaths” Toll Rises, As Assist. Commissioner Of Police Dies

The Kano State Police Command has announced the passing of Assistant Commissioner of Police in the State, Atiku Nagodi, who died on Monday 4. This is coming on heels of deaths of several prominent people from the in state in recent weeks.

The late Assistant Commissioner of police was was said to have been the Squadron Commander 9th Mobile Force, Kano.

His deaths adds to the mystery of deaths occuring in the state in recent weeks.

Governor Ganduje had initially debunked the claims that the highly contagious and deathly Covid-19 was behind the deaths but in recent days seemed to have worked back his comments, stating that the state was in trouble.

The governor made these latest claims while commissioning a mobile testing center, donated by Dangote Foundation. He stressed that lack of testing kits led to the escalation of the pandemic in the state.

“There is no doubt that Kano is in trouble. And there is no doubt that we started on a shaky foundation,” he had said.

“When samples were taken to Abuja for seven hours and came back again in seven hours, that was the shaky foundation I am talking about.” the governor said.

Speaking to reporters, the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 Sani Gwarzo, who also lost his father by the virus confirmed that the deaths were indeed linked to the virus.

“So, before the final report which would be ready in the next one week or few days, it is necessary for people of Kano to wake up from their slumber that this is a serious issue.

“We need to know what is happening we are successful in identifying what the problems are and secondly we are happy on the level of cooperation the private sector and other stake holders. Many people have come out to support the state we cannot expand our investigation until we are certain.

“We have five cogent reasons to say that the mass death recorded in Kano is associated with coronavirus.” he said.

Kano state has the second highest number of recorded cases in Nigeria, after Lagos.


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