African Leaders Should be Blamed for the Inhuman Treatment of Africans in China- Prof. Akinyemi

A former Minister for Foreign Affairs during General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi has said that African leaders should be blamed for the maltreatment suffered by Blacks in China.

Akinyemi who was also Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos said he has seen some inhumane treatment of Africans in China in some video clips.

Akinyemi, in an interview with ThisDay, said, “I saw a video that showed a Chinese man with his hands around the breasts of two naked African girls. These girls are about the age of 10 or 12. To me, as a black man, I found it very insulting.

“So, I have concluded that though there is a propaganda war going on between China and the United States for the minds and souls of Africa, the Chinese behaviour has become very appalling.

“Let the Chinese deny that they are not discriminating against Nigerians, Africans or black people in their country. Let the Chinese deny that they are not giving loans to African countries, knowing that they cannot repay. Let the Chinese deny that they are not taking over the running of airports and the running of police forces in East Africa. Let the Chinese deny that they have not adopted racist policies in what I have considered the recolonisation of Africa in the 21st century.

“This, to me, is appalling. All these things are, to me, unacceptable. African leaders must unite against it.

“However, I know African leaders are to be blamed because nobody is forcing them to put their countries in these situations. Nobody is forcing them to allow the Chinese to establish colonies in Africa. Even in Nigeria here, there are Chinese towns all over. There are Chinese, who are even involved in some of our local markets. This is not American propaganda.”

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