CHILD MOLESTATION: Does Same-Sex Molestation Count Too?

Child molestation is very common and hugely damaging, but is one particular gender to shoulder the blame? Let’s take a look into the matter.

Does sexual abuse only count when the perpetrator is of a different gender? Does it even count when the victim is a boy? Our society is silent about these. Child molestation has been given only one meaning, only one face, which is: A Grown Male Man Sexually Assaulting a Female Minor.

Society has been wired to reason along this line, and who is to be blamed, since most cases of child sexual abuse involves a man and a little girl?

But as we have come to know, half a story is not always true. It is always best to listen to both sides.

As a boy child growing up in the village, with my mother away in University of Jos for her bachelor degree, an aunty of mine would lure me into the dark to cuddle my penis. She would make me tickle her private part too. I was barely 6 then.

Last year, my 16 year old cousin told me about a lady in his compound who came to his room and stripped naked. And as a teenager with all the hormones boiling within him, she would offer to suck his penis. He said that on the first day, he resisted but subsequently, she gave in. From the sucking, it went to her asking for sex. And so it was.

So many similar stories abound everywhere in the world. But not much is said about this type of child molestation. But why not? Perhaps it is down to the preconceived notion that virginity only matters in girls, but not so much in boys. A boy could have sex multiple times as a minor and no one would raise an eyelid, but the girl child does it once and all hell breaks loose.

Another reason may be the way the male body is perceived. Right from childhood, the boy child’s body is more often left unclothed than the female child’s body. Oftentimes you see the female child in at least pant and the male child stark naked. This little things go a long way in shaping the thought life of both male and female children and that of the society at large, on how they perceive the body. The girls’ have value and therefore it should be covered, but the boys’ doesn’t and can be left loose.

Lesbianism sign.

It is because of this that little or nothing is made of Potiphar’s wife and her attempt to lure Joseph into sleeping with her. Even preachers do not use this to warn parents against the dangers of not protecting the boy child.

Another evil that has been swept under the rug is same sex molestation.

“Why do women never talk about predators from the same sex? Not that we don’t know how frequent this occurs. Are we training the girl child how to fight one kind of monster instead of all of them?”

A Twitter user posted.

Feminists themselves who claim to champion the course of the female gender are quiet about this similarly dastardly evil. To tell you how skewed the feminist ideology is. This is a more protected secret than pedophilia and nun abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

Probe any girl who is inclined to lesbianism and its tendencies and you would find that most of them were introduced into the act by adult women. But why exactly is the society quiet about this? Because those that should champion this injustice are busy fighting men. The LORD showed us an eternal enemy in Satan but Satan has deceived us and has made us to see the opposite gender as the enemy. That is how deep the deception of the feminist movement goes.

We would be stronger if we were united in protecting the child, irrespective of the gender, but the devil has got us hunting ourselves, much to his pleasure.

Lesbianism and same sex attractions are on the rise because we never thought that an aunty could also be depraved enough to molest her niece. But we must wake up, else we risk having our streets clogged with boys claiming to hate girls and girls claiming to hate boys, not because they were raped by the opposite sex, but because the seed of same sex attraction were sown into them since childhood.

So does Child Molestation by the Same Sex Count?

YES IT COUNTS if the consequences of sexually abusing children are still that the child loses his or her innocence and identity.

YES IT COUNTS if the consequence is still that the rest of that child’s life is defined by that act.

YES IT COUNTS if the consequence of child molestation is that child having wild sexual proclivities because of the harm done to him or her while they were young.

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