A Texas Strip Club Wins In Court To Stay Opened

A Texas strip has scored an unusual victory in the court to stay opened albeit temporary, after police raided the place.

Club Onyx objected to the lockdown orders of Gov. Abbot of Texas and took the state government to court.

Club owner Eric Logan told the Houston Chronicle his club operates as a full service entertainment bar in the same manner a piano player would entertain people at a Steakhouse.

“I’m operating as a restaurant. You have to order food. There’s a sign on the front door — you must be coming here to eat,” he said.

During the raid, Lagan initially resisted but decided to shut the club down at 4am after been threatened with arrest by the Houston Police.

Trump Inc. The company that owns the club filed a lawsuit, claiming the closure violated his fundamental human rights. He also claimed the business operated as a restaurant, therefore it should be allowed to stay opened.

Judge Vanessa Gilmore granted the request to allow the club to remain opened, at least for friday and prohibited the police from arresting the employees.

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