SHELL INQUIRY: 43 Barrels of Oil Poured Into Rivers, Farmlands- FG

The Federal Government says it has concluded its probe into the cause of the oil spill from Well 13 at Angiama in Bayelsa State.

The Federal Government said that Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) operates the oil well which is located at Angiama, a coastline settlement by the bank of River Nun, Southern Ijaw LG

According to the National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), through Idris Musa, who is the Director General, about 43 barrels of oil were dislodged into neighbouring farmlands and water bodies.
“Joint Investigation was done and concluded. Spill containment was done, oil recovery was also done while a post-spill impact and damage assessment will follow, and the JIV report is available,” Musa said.

In a report released by Joint Investigative Visit (JIV), the oil leak impacted an area of 11, 200 square meters and extended beyond SPDC’s Right of Way.

However, the SPDC’s oil spills incident website revealed no record of the March 17 incident at Angiama, while other leak incidents before and afterward were reported.
In early April this year, the head of the Aketeowei family, Desi Clement Maclin told newsmen that, “I am not pleased with the way SPDC is dehumanizing the landlord families and Angiama as a community. Sometime in 2010, a similar thing happened and they called it sabotage.

“A similar case occurred in 2019 and when we called their staff to come and put off the spill or to stop the spill, they came and denied the whole thing; that there was no such thing.

“On March 27, I received a call from my family members – whose only means of livelihood is fishing, carving, etc, – that there is environmental pollution ongoing from Well 13 owned by SPDC as a result of equipment failure.

“I called SPDC so that they could urgently come and put off the spill and that was what they did. Thereafter, they came with the JIV team to investigate the cause which they confirmed was an equipment failure

“As we speak, SPDC has never in any way come to the aid of the family members or Angiama community knowing very well that this is a very critical period, going by the prevailing coronavirus pandemic.”

He bemoaned how their sources of livelihood, which is mainly from cassava, and aquatic lives, have been damaged, adding that nothing can grow anymore.

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