Lockdown: 12 Year Old Albino Girl Seen Hawking Vegetables in Abuja

News of a 12 year old albino girl, known as Grace, who has been seen hawking vegetables under the sunny streets of Abuja have come to the fore.

A concerned Twitter user, by the name George Damian @MaziIsi_Okwu brought this to the fore when he posted on his Twitter handle, a picture and name of the little girl, who he claims hails from Benue State.

Grace taking shelter.

He said, “Her name is Grace, a 12 year old albino girl from Benue State, Tiv by tribe. She stays with her aunty who is a Farmer. Grace hawks vegetable from morning to evening under the scorching Abuja sun.

“Today I met her taking a shade in a locked down shop because the sun has affected Her vision she could barely see & her skin appeared reddish. As a vulnerable girl child living with albinism, hawking without a protection in this era of pandemic when her mates are at home is extremely dangerous. Walking under the sun will not only damage her eyes but also skin,” Damian said.

He called on all relevant authorities, “to save this girl and give her hope for survival.”

He added that he saw the girl the next day again, hawking the vegetables, so he decided to buy off all of it, which cost N1,300. After which he decided to follow her home to where she resides.

Her abode.

He said he has decided to keep buying off the vegetables until the girl gets help.

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