Fulani Herdsmen Operate in Over 30 Camps in Forests of Delta

Fulani herdsmen have kidnapped and tortured many individuals they could lay their hands on and extorted ransoms from their victims families and associates in Delta State, while operating in more than 30 camps from the forests of Delta.

Sources have said that more than 86 persons have been killed, with hundreds maimed following invasions of different Delta State communities by criminal herdsmen in recent years.

It was gathered that the moment they strike, they immediately whisk away their victims and hide them in locations/hideouts/ camps, deep in the bushes and wilds surrounding the communities.

Thereafter, they use phones seized from the hostages to demand and obtain payoffs from their families, friends and organisations.
It has also emerged that given their nomadic operation, the killer-herdsmen know the the terrain and deep recesses of the forests belonging to the various communities better than the local hunters, a reason why it has been easy for them to strike without being caught.

As a result, many of their victims, some of whom are even Traditional rulers, politicians and even police men, have not been able to lead security forces to those hideouts where they were being detained by the herders.

Members of those communities have said that the response from security forces when such cases have been reported to them, has not been desirable, and as a result, they have lost faith in them.

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