The Fight Against COVID-19 Now in the Hands of Nigerians- Boss Mustapha

The chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, has said that the next phase for the country in the fight against COVID-19 is a very serious one.

Boss said, it is the phase of personal responsibility “and each and every one of us will have to take this personal responsibility.”

Speaking on Tuesday at a briefing of the PTF, Mustapha said: “The medical advisory of keeping social distance, of personal hygiene, of wearing masks, of avoiding unnecessary travels and unnecessary visitations because what will happen to each and every one of us, going forward, will depend on what we do.

“My passionate appeal is that the government is trying to do the best it can to provide safety and resources and facilities for us to combat COVID-19. The response of the citizens, on an individual and collective basis, will determine whether we’ll succeed or not. That’s the crux of the matter; that the next stage is that of personal responsibility for each and every one of us”.

He added that the pandemic has permanently altered Nigeria’s ways of life, asking citizens to begin to learn how to adjust to this new reality.

Mustapha said the relaxation of the lockdown was to enable the country gradually “return to our daily lives but in a moderated manner.”

“This relaxation does not in any way imply that the danger has passed. The virus is still potent, virulent and dangerous. We must remain very vigilant and careful. We must take responsibility for our actions. We must commit to a collective victory over COVID-19.”

He concluded by saying that law enforcement agencies would continue to enforce the restriction of movements, urging Nigerians to continue to adhere to the restriction order.

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